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Green Mosquito Control

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Green Mosquito Control

Expert & Effective Green Mosquito Control in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, & Winfield, Alabama. Our 7-month Mosquito Control program consists of monthly treatments during peak mosquito season, April through October, and is guaranteed to reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard and around your home, including adult mosquito populations as well as mosquito larvae, using products derived from flowers and botanicals. Family & Pet-Friendly.

To protect you and your family against mosquitoes and mosquito bites, request a free estimate today.

Identification of Potential Mosquito Breeding and Resting Areas

Our products are derived from botanical and earth-based ingredients, and are just as effective as traditional products

Gutters, Containers, Toys, Pots, Bird Baths, etc. (any area with standing water)

Targets Breeding Sites – Bird Baths, Ponds, Flower Pots, Containers, Marshes, Creeks, Flooded Areas

Targets Adult Mosquito Resting Areas – Shrubs, Ivy, Weeds, Small Trees, Shaded Areas

More About Mosquitoes

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Mosquitoes are small, biting flies with slender bodies and long beaks used to penetrate the skin. They usually have black, white, or gray markings along the legs and body, with two wings that are long and narrow. Mosquitoes breed in still, stagnant water – making a lot of the items around your home potential breeding sites, such as flower pots, bird baths, gutters, and toys. Not only are mosquito bites painful, but they can transmit a range of diseases, like West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, and dog heart worm.