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What You Need to Know About Little Black Ants

There are close to 1000 species of ants just in the United States alone. One of the most common species is the little black ant, monomorium minimum. These pesky ants are incredibly difficult to control and eliminate. They also swarm during their mating season which runs from June to August. As we enter these summer......
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8 Ways to Get Rid of Ants

As the weather warms and we make our way closer to summer, most of us like to spend more time outdoors. We look forward to sunshine, balmy breezes, and fresh air. Unfortunately the change in the season also brings out some unwanted pests – especially ants! Ants can be a nuisance and extremely hard to......
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5 Ways To Prevent Home Termite Damage

Springtime is right around the corner. The onset of sunshine and blooming flowers also heralds those unwanted spring pests – termites. Spring is the time of year when termites emerge from hibernation to mate and create their colonies. Termites can be devastating to a home. They have the ability to chew through wood, flooring, and......
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