DC Ant says nobody calls a pest control company because they want to — they call because they need to, and DC Scientific Pest Control wants to meet them at that point of need.

“We are a problem-solving company,” said DC Ant, the official mascot for DC Scientific Pest Control.

You can find DC at the Birmingham Zoo where he helps protect the animals and the zoo’s unique environment from pests. DC loves promoting their Green Science Pest Control Services, which offers you a better choice for your family and pets by using environmentally friendly chemicals.

“I want to help you ‘Go Green’ and protect your most expensive investment — your home — from pests and termites,” DC Ant said. “Without pest control, our environment would be a much dirtier place to live. We provide a valuable service to the community and we take pride in that.”

DC Scientific was founded more than 50 years ago on the values of honesty, integrity and the will to work hard. DC Scientific is a local company that specializes in residential and commercial termite control, pest control, mosquito control and complete crawl space enclosure.

“Our company is big enough to handle any job and be on the cutting edge, but still run like a small family business,” DC Ant said. “Every one of our customers matters to us.”