One of the most important things we can do for our families is provide a healthy living environment for them. Did you know there are factors outside your home that can affect the overall health inside? 60% of the air we breathe in our homes comes from our crawl space. Are you sure the air you’re breathing is the healthiest it can be? If you have poor air quality in your crawl space then most likely you have poor air quality circulating throughout your home. Yikes!

What can you do to make sure your home is the healthiest it can be? One simple solution is to enclose your crawl space. Our Complete CrawlSpace enclosure service not only provides health benefits but is guaranteed to save you money on home energy costs!

Here are 5 reasons to consider enclosing your crawl space with Complete CrawlSpace and improve the overall health of your home:

1. Eliminate Moisture

When hot, humid air from outside meets the cool air of a crawl space, you get the ideal environment for mold and fungus growth. Complete CrawlSpace decreases the humidity inside your crawl space which helps prevent the growth of mold and fungus. By eliminating excess moisture you also help to prevent structural damage to your home from wet wood. This not only preserve the structural integrity of your home, but saves you money on repair work in the long run.

2. Pest Control

Pests come into your home in search of three things: shelter, food, and water. The moist air and standing water in your crawl space provide an ample supply of water for many pests. Complete CrawlSpace eliminates the water source that pests are looking for helping to keep them out of your home.

3. Improve Health

Poor air quality (from both mold and fungus, and from pests and rodents leaving behind droppings and urine) has been shown to aggravate allergies and asthma and can even cause skin irritations. Complete CrawlSpace can reduce these health issues by eliminating excess moisture in the crawlspace, limiting the growth of mold and fungus, and improving the air quality inside your home. It also helps prevent troublesome pests from getting into your home which can also provoke these health issues.

4. Go Green

We all want to do our part to improve the environment and leave a healthy Earth for our children and grandchildren. Complete CrawlSpace is a green solution to improve the health of your home. We don’t use harsh chemicals or pesticides in the process of enclosing your crawl space AND you have the added benefit of home energy efficiency, thereby reducing your carbon footprint.

5. Save Money

Complete CrawlSpace eliminates excess moisture, reducing the risk of wood and structural damage, which can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. Complete CrawlSpace also improve the energy efficiency of your home, as well as improving the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. You can expect to save up to 18% on utility bill costs, as well as lower maintenance costs for your HVAC systems!

DC Scientific’s Complete CrawlSpace Enclosure service includes sealed foundation vents, mechanical drying, high-quality vapor liner, and taped seams.

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