The seasons are changing and the temperature is cooling off. Fall is upon us and Halloween is right around the corner. While most of us are enjoying the cooler weather and spending more time outdoors, chances are you’ve had a close encounter or two (or more) with spiders! Maybe you’ve seen a spider crawling across your floor or a cobweb in the corner of your living room. Maybe you walked out your front door and right into a spider web! One thing is for certain – spiders are out in full force in the fall. But why is that? Why do we see more spiders in the fall and what can we do to keep these pesky pests out of our homes?

Spiders typically hatch in the spring which gives them all summer to grow, and grow, and GROW. We tend to notice adult spiders more than tiny baby spiders so once the fall season rolls around we typically notice them more often than we do in the spring.

Fall is also mating season for most spiders. Females are usually the spiders we see in webs while males are usually the ones we see roaming around. Most spiders will emerge in the fall in search of a mate so they can lay their eggs before winter sets in for hatchlings in the spring. What we don’t realize is that most of the spiders we see moving around in our homes in the fall have actually been there all along – in the walls or voids. We just see them more often in the fall once they emerge to mate and then they will disappear again.

Spiders also move indoors to overwinter. Spiders will come into our homes in search of warmth, food, and shelter during the cold winter months.

So now that you know why we see more spiders in the fall, what can you do to prevent them? Check out these tips to prevent spiders this fall.

  • Remove any webs that you see as soon as they appear. This will encourage the spiders to go back into hiding.
  • Kill any spiders you see, especially in your home.
  • Seal any entry points around your home to help keep them and other insects out. This includes cracks around doors, windows, and pipes and in any exterior walls. Make sure window and door screens are free of tears and holes, especially as we enjoy the cooler weather.
  • Keep your home, especially your kitchen, free of crumbs and unsealed food. This attracts insects which attract spiders.
  • Keep exterior lights off as much as possible, such as floodlights and porch lights. Again, these attract insects which attract spiders in search of food.
  • Keep your basements dry. Spiders like dark, damp environments.
  • Call a professional pest control company who can evaluate your home and property and provide you with a thorough treatment and prevention plan.