As the weather cools off, many of us drift outdoors to enjoy the milder temperatures and all the fun fall activities. Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones who become more active in the fall. Spiders become much more active and much more visible during the autumn months. Spider eggs usually hatch in early spring, meaning by the time the fall months roll around, those babies have had all summer to eat and grow. Fall is also typically mating season for spiders. You may think all of these spiders you are seeing are making their way indoors to get out of the cold. While that may be the case in a few instances, the majority of them have likely been hiding out in your walls and ceilings and are now venturing out in search of a mate. Most of the time, once they have mated, they will disappear again until the spring.

So what can you do to get rid of the spiders you have and prevent more from getting indoors? Here are some prevention tips for spiders that you can use this fall.

  • Remove any webs that you see as soon as they appear. This will encourage the spiders to go back into hiding.
  • Kill any spiders you see, especially in your home.
  • Seal any entry points around your home to help keep them and other insects out. This includes cracks around doors, windows, and pipes and in any exterior walls. Make sure window and door screens are free of tears and holes, especially as we enjoy the cooler weather.
  • Keep your home, especially your kitchen, free of crumbs and unsealed food. This attracts insects which attract spiders.
  • Keep exterior lights off as much as possible, such as floodlights and porch lights. Again, these attract insects which attract spiders in search of food.
  • Keep your basements dry. Spiders like dark, damp environments.
  • Call a professional¬†pest control¬†company who can evaluate your home and property and provide you with a thorough pest control treatment and prevention plan.