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Bed bugs are hardy insects that are difficult to get rid of. Early detection is critical. Protect your family and home against bed bugs with our certified pest management professionals who can provide a thorough inspection and recommend the most effective treatment methods. Request a free quote today to get started.

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Expert Bed Bug Control & Prevention

DC Scientific Pest Control specializes in the treatment of bed bugs. Each case of bed bugs is unique; call us today or request a quote to schedule a free inspection. Our highly trained technicians will perform an in-depth evaluation of your home, identify areas of bed bug infestation, and then provide you with a treatment plan that will work to eliminate bed bugs from your home.

A Public Health Pest

Bed bugs are very hardy insects. Both adults and nymphs can survive prolonged periods without food or under adverse temperature conditions. Adults can live for a year or longer without feeding and can survive over winter in an unheated building.

Signs To Look For

Early detection is important with bed bug infestations. Check periodically for the following bed bug signs, on mattresses, mattress edges, headboards, pillows/pillowcases, baseboards, and other bedroom furniture: Blood Marks, Dark Fecal Spots, Eggs, & Egg Shell Casings.

Bed Bug Identification

Adult bed bugs: 1/5 inch long, 1/8 inch wide, reddish brown body that’s flattened & oval shaped. After feeding, bed bugs enlarge, becoming longer and much less flattened. Piercing-sucking mouthparts enable them to pierce the skin & suck blood from their hosts. Bed Bug eggs usually attach near surfaces near where the host sleeps.

Popular Bed Bug Locations

Bed bugs are usually found on or around beds so that they’re close to their food source, feeding on human hosts while they sleep at night. You’ll most likely find them on mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and in clothing or boxes stored under beds. They will also hide in bedroom furniture, behind baseboards, and electrical switch plates.

Bad For Business

Although they do not spread disease, they do cause embarrassment about the “stigma” associated with an infestation. It’s common for hotels to have bed bugs and is often the cause of a home bed bug infestation, when travelers are unaware that accommodations are infested with bed bugs, and then transport them back into their home.

What To Do If You Have Bed Bugs

Think you have bed bugs? Call an exterminator that’s a certified pest management professional with experience in bed bug elimination. There are several methods for successful bed bug control. A bed bug control professional will provide a thorough inspection and recommend the most effective treatment methods based on your situation.


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Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are wingless odorous insects with flat reddish bodies that infest dwellings and bedding and feed on human blood. Bed bugs are small, usually around four to five millimeters in length. They are nocturnal and feed on their host's blood while they're sleeping. They are commonly found in beds, but can be found just about anywhere in a home, such as in carpet, in couches and chairs, under furniture and where you store clothing. They leave small bite marks that can be itchy. These bites can also cause skin rashes and allergy symptoms. Bed bugs can be spread by travelling on luggage, backpacks and clothing, as well as on used furniture, such as beds. They can even be brought into your home by your pets.

More About Bed Bugs
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